Emerson Acquires Vilter


  In 1992 K&R Refrigerating Co., Ltd. has been formed an office in Bangkok, Thailand to supply a
top-quality product of industrial refrigeration equipments Tube Ice Machine, Block Ice Plant,
Cold Storage, Contact Plate Freezer, Gas Compressor, CNG Compressor, IQF, Ammonia Valves,
Screw compressor, Piston Compressor,  and spares to all interested parties and many refrigeration
service and repairing companies/plant owners.

Today we had re-structured our organization as an authorized Vilter distributor wherein we open
our branch office to establish office into sales office into our network on which we have such
strong support from Vilter USA which provides us more product activity in Asia and all other

As it is our philosophy that our business must be continually so that we seek to blend a full range
of industrial refrigeration equipments and spares  (Vilter Single Screw Compressor with 5-year
warranty on compressor and 15-year warranty on bearings, Vilter Rugged Reciprocating
Compressors for block ice plant, Tube Ice Machine, Cold Storage, IQF, Contact Plate Freezer,
Evaporative Condensers, Unit Coolers, Packaged Refrigeration design and engineering, Refrigeration
Application for petrochemical Industries and all spares, discharge valve plates, gate rotors, crankshaft,
connecting rod & others) with several sale engineers in order to provide such great solution with an 
optimum hybrid product yielding the most benefit to our customers.

As an authorized distributor of Vilter Manufacturing LLC, this activity factor makes us as "one
stop spare parts center" for Thailand Territory which we can provide the highest level of customer
interest by reduce the delivery time but increase our customer satisfaction in order to maintain
our competitive position, high quality and price points outside Thailand.
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